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04 WRX Swap To 2.5 RS 01

2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS
2004 2.0 WRX Engine
2004 WRX Drive Transmission And Differential,
Fidanza Light 11.5lb Flywheel,
JDM STI Ver 5ra IHI VF22 Turbo,
Whiteline 22mm front sway bar,
Whiteline 24mm rear sway bar,
whiteline controll arms rear,
KYB AGX Adjustable Shock Absorbers,
Whiteline Strut Springs,
JDM Sti ver 5ra Pillow Mounts,
Cusco V Brace,
Cusco Front Unibody Brace,
JDM Sti Ver 5ra Bucket Seats,
Cobb AccessPort Ecu,
JDM Sti Grup N short Shifter,
Turboxs FMIC,
Invidia Header up pipe,
Invidia 3inch turboback Exhaust,
No AC Compressor ,
Exeedy 4 Puck Clutch,
Turboxs BOW,
Cusco Cross Brace,
GM Boost regulator,
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump,
JDM Sti 565cc injectors (pinks),
Perrin Fuel Rail,
Turboxs Short Ram Intake,
JDM Sti Aluminium Pedals,
Praxis Brake Pads,
JDM Sti ver 5ra Controll Arms,
JDM Sti Grup N Tranny Mount
JDM Sti Grup N Engine Mounts,
Whiteline Rear Bushing Kit,
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings,
JDM Sti Ver 5ra Light Weight Bumper Supports,
Syms Rear Wing,
Piaa Halogens,
Morrette Headlights.
Blue Pearl Ridge Paint coat.
P@L Dyno tuning Dyno 310WHP.

  • Suby girl 9 (Private)
    11 years 9 months ago
    IMG 0030
    ,, I'll miss the bijach :-) she is Fast and sweet ''
  • Anthony (Private)
    12 years 6 months ago
    IMG 0385
    That carbon gauge pod looks very nice. Where did you get it?
  • Anthony (Private)
    12 years 6 months ago
    IMG 8635
    I was wondering where you got the reinforcement for the front mount intercooler because I am thinking of doing a WRX swap and I want to put a front mount intercooler.If you could e-mail me a

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